Case Study.

Eunoia Zen Inc.

Client: Furkhan Dandia

Industry: Life Coach

Date: 21 February 2023

Last week Furkhan Dandia reached me and asked me to have a look at his website. I opened his website and it was, well, a complete mess(as you can see).

I went through his whole website one by one page and gave him a detailed audit report and advice on what I thought he should do with the site.

Then we had a meeting and we agreed to work on the site.

Project Info

Furkhan Dandia(MBA, CCC) is a therapist, author, speaker and coach.

After going through adversity and working in the corporate world as an Engineer for many years, Furkhan decided to pivot and pursue a Master's in Psychology. He has a newfound passion for making a difference in people’s lives and working with them to find their purpose.

He wanted a clean dark themed website that will resonate with his audiences.

The Problem.

  • The old website had little to no content at all.
  • The design was nothing but two jpg images set as background images.
  • Readability was horrible
  • Buttons were very hard to notice
  • The site had no SEO optimization at all, google did not even index the website.
  • and 100 more (see the image to get an idea)

My Solution.


His homepage had little to no content with horrible readability. It was not mobile-optimized and the layout didn’t make any sense.

I re-designed the entire homepage layout in a black-and-white theme. I photoshopped some of his best photos and put them on the website to add personality. Added new sections including a testimonial section.

About Page

Same as the homepage, horrible readability and overall layout-wise it didn't make sense. There were testimonials with his own photo.

I re-designed the entire page layout and put one of his photos that represents more personality, so that visitors can feel more connected. Added a CTA(book an appointment) right after he finishes telling his story.

Coaching Page

This was his offer page. It was not mobile-optimized and the layout didn’t make any sense. There were FAQ type questions before the actual offer and didn't explain what clients will get.

Again, I re-designed the page, added some more sections explaining the offer and deliverables. Moved these questions to the bottom and gave them proper FAQ structures.

Blog Page

His blog page was a mess. Huge margin-padding issues, no color combinations and images. Extremely small fonts with bad contrasts made it hard to read.

Re-make the layout, changed font sizes, colors and images to match the theme. Styled and optimized blog page according to the best SEO practices (like properly placed author name, date, thumbnails, images with alt tag etc)

Final Result.

  • The website is now clean and professional, and carries a clear message.
  • SEO optimized and indexed in Google. You can find the site on search engines.
  • Fully responsive, meaning Mobile and Tablet optimized
  • Increased accessibility and readability
  • Website traffic increased, and the bounce rate decreased drastically
  • And finally, Conversion increased by 150% in just two weeks.


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